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With kayaking and river rafting

During your stay at our hotel near the gorge and the Hood River, make your experience one you won't forget with a kayaking or river rafting adventure. You can find a water expedition for every appetite. The rivers that flow from the Cascade Mountains into The Columbia provide every kind of current from wild rides on roaring rapids to peaceful paddles surrounded by ancient forests. Thrill seekers and nature lovers from all over the world flock to Hood River to experience some of the best water rides in one of the most stunning natural environments.

The Columbia River stretches for 80 miles covering a vast expanse of ecosystems before joining with the Pacific Ocean. In Hood River, the Columbia is fed by the pristine glacial waters and mountain top snow melt that cut paths through the Cascade Mountains. These river systems wind through the wilderness, giving way to hundreds of waterfalls, and feeding the diverse forests that support the thriving wild life populations throughout Oregon and Washington. Being on the water is the perfect way to experience the natural environment in Hood River. It is very common to see eagles and hawks soaring above while you pass by majestic waterfalls during a river ride.

White Water Rafting Offers A Thrill For Adventure Lovers

Guided white water rafting trips are available on several of the rivers in the area and tours offer a range of options. Half day rafting trips are a fun way to experience the water especially for beginners and group trips. River lovers can experience a full day option with lunch provided by many of the companies providing white water rides.

The White Salmon River has a reputation for being one of the best white water rides you can find anywhere in the world. It's located on the Washington side of The Columbia and it's a short drive from any of the hotels near the gorge in Hood River. The wilderness surrounding the White Salmon River is a scenic paradise for outdoor enthusiasts making this river a popular site to launch rafts and kayaks. The class III and IV rapids found on this river offers a fun white water rafting ride for all experience levels.

Experienced rafters who are looking for a blood-rushing, heart-pounding ride will find one on the class V rapids like those found in The Wind River or Hood River. Previous experience is required for these rides due to their wild nature.

Kayak Expeditions Are Wonderful For All Experience Levels

Kayaking is a delightful way to interact with the rivers and wilderness of The Columbia River Gorge. You can launch a kayak into a fast-paced river and enjoy the thrill of the rapids or take the small boat out into calmer waters for an unforgettable expedition of the beauty found in our old growth forests. Learning to paddle a kayak is easy and beginners can even take a class to get acquainted with the skill.

Being in a kayak allows you to easily maneuver around tight spaces and into places like The Punch Bowl Falls on Eagle Creek. You can also launch a kayak into The Columbia River for a day of paddling. Keep in mind The Columbia River Gorge creates a wind tunnel that whips up 35 mph winds during the day. The winds usually calm down in the afternoon, making The Hood River Sandbar a good spot to launch a kayak for a post picnic lunch ride.

Kayak tours are provided by the many companies providing water adventures if you prefer a guided outing. White water kayaking trips are also available if you'd like to take the challenge and see how well you can maneuver on the rapids.

What To Bring On Your River Trip

When spending a day having a great adventure on the rivers it's important you have the right gear. You'll be most comfortable in swim wear or a pair of shorts. Bring a pair of sunglasses with straps so you don't lose your shades in the water. Even on overcast days you will need to have plenty of sunscreen and a hat or visor.

Many of the river companies provide lunch during their tours, but it is important to check with them to make sure food is included. If it isn't, you'll want to bring something along to keep you fueled during the trip. We are happy to pack you a lunch here at the Comfort Inn Hood River. Be sure to pack snacks in a waterproof container. It is also very important to stay hydrated while spending a day on the water. Bring a plastic water bottle. Glass is not permitted on river When white water rafting you'll want to wear a good pair of sandals that strap around your feet or tennis shoes with laces you can pull tight. Of course, be sure to grab your waterproof camera to capture your adventure, and a change of clothes for a dry drive back to the Comfort Inn Hood River.

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Comfort Suites Hood River: A great Choice for Hood River hotels

Welcome to beautiful Hood River Oregon located in the lush Pacific Northwest. Here the locals call the mighty Columbia River Gorge their gym. And it is easy to see why: with so many year round activities to choose from, you can plan a day hiking, skiing and windsurfing all in one day.