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Come take a look at how we use to travel!

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Aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, military jeeps and engines all get their day in the sun again at WAAAM

If motorcycles are your wheels of choice, we have you covered too! WAAAM has Harley Davidsons, Indians, Cushmans and more!


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At WAAAM you will enjoy our extensive collection of antique aircraft including the 1917 Curtiss JN-4D Jenny featuring an OX-5 90 HP engine, our Piper Cub and WACO collections, the Aeronca collection, the Stearman collection and many more wonderful aircraft.

History buffs and lovers of all things air and auto would do well to stop by the Western Antique Airplane Museum, the top Oregon air museum in the Hood River and Mount Hood region. The WAAAM Air & Auto Museum houses a vast collection of antique airplanes – many of which still fly! – and antique automobiles, again, many of which can still take to the road.


This Oregon air museum favorite houses a 1917 Curtiss JN-4D Jenny with an OX-5 90 HP engine – which may sound foreign to some, but to an airplane buff is downright impressive. There are Piper Cub and WACO collections, as well as Aeronca and Stearman aircraft. The planes have been restored carefully and professionally and often taken out for a spin to keep them in tip-top condition. Many in the collection were used for personal recreation, but others have a military background.


Visitors to this popular Oregon air museum will also see an extensive collection of antique automobiles, with more than 130 on display. The automobiles here are mostly from the 1900s to 1960s, the “Golden Age of Transportation.” See a 191 Detroit Electric, a Ford Model A or Model T, a Studebaker, a Packard and a locomobile. The museum houses a 1923 Model 48 Sportif locomobile, donated by Columbia Helicopters. Each locomobile was a work of art as it came off the line; just four were built per week at a time when Ford was building thousands of cars every seven days. Look for Franklins from 1909 and 1929 and their unique air-cooled engines. The motorcycle collection alone boasts Harley Davidsons, Indians, Cushmans and others.

Military Vehicles

Veterans, especially, will love reminiscing around the Oregon air museum’s military collection. The military planes at the museum are still flown and the military vehicles are often brought out to lead local parades and other ceremonial occasions. The military collection continues to grow, with artifacts from World War II, the Korean War and theVietnam era.

Second Saturdays

If you happen to be visiting the Oregon air museum in Hood River on the second Saturday of the month, the Western Antique Airplane Museum invites you to fly and drive one of the aircraft or automobiles. Visit between 10 AM and 2 PM and you’ll find the huge hangar doors wide open as antique cars, airplanes and motorcycles are hauled out for their day in the sun.

Model T Driving School

Ever wanted to drive a “Tin Lizzie”? Check out the Model T Driving School if you’re around the area this summer. Model T driving classes are held in June, July and August – enrollment is limited to just eight students, so sign up early. You’ll take the wheel of avintage Model T and feel how it compares to modern-day automobiles – it’s a fantastic and one-of-kind-experience.

2015 Traffic Jam Car Show

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the Hood River region on July 11, 2015, stop by the Oregon air museum for the annual Traffic Jam. There’s food, fun and music, a car show, museum happenings and a swap meet. Try the Model T Quick Build Challenge, let the little ones tool around in a kiddie pedal car and ride in a historic vehicle. Proceeds help keep the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum thriving. With its incredible assortment of airplanes, automobiles, military vehicles, trucks, tractors, bicycles, motorcycles, engines and tools, the WAAAM is a wonderful testament to the history of motorized transportation. Visit at 1600 Air Museum Road, Hood River, Oregon. Open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.